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Daily projects are being completed nationally, ranging in size from small service jobs to massive 2 year projects. The following “Recent Projects” details some good examples.

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Client Testimonial

Desa’s ever helpful Damien Crookshanks, provided valuable advice about power concerns and co-ordinated his team to work unenviable hours to ensure we had upgraded power and data cabling to meet the demands of the new switching and telephony.

Daniel Howarth

Melbourne Central

This project included a full electrical services offering power, lighting, communication cabling, audio visual, security and emergency backup power systems.




Communications an Electrical Cabling

Project Value:


As with most installations these days, the time frames of projects are getting smaller and smaller whilst the workload is increasing with a greater emphasis on high installation practices.  The recently completed 3 floor Melbourne Central fitout was no exception to what is becoming a common trend with today’s installations.

When DESA received the final schedule, it was noted that the most time consuming and critical aspect of the Project, being the completion of the Computer Room, had been brought forward 6 weeks on a 9 week program.  Not deterred, the DESA Project Managers commenced the task of meeting the critical Computer Room timeframe whilst ensuring the remainder of the works remained on schedule.

Prior to any works commencing on site a meeting was scheduled between the 2 DESA Project Managers (both RCDD Certified), the builder, the consultant and client to identify the critical dates in order to achieve such a complex timeframe. This meeting was instigated by DESA in order to get all the decision makers in one room to ensure no stone was left unturned. This meeting was crucial in the planning of the entire job and in particular the Computer Room.

With a number of the Computer Room materials having 3 week lead times, the need for extensive co ordination between DESA and our suppliers to obtain materials earlier or seek alternatives was great. Our Project Manager and on site staff worked around the clock to ensure the clients needs were met.

Category 6 Systems ties and Fibre Backbone ties were made offsite to ensure there were no delays in the project.  This enabled our onsite staff free and clear access to construct the cable support and implement the new UPS Switchboards and Computer Room power requirements.

Whilst the Computer Room works were being completed there were also 3 complete floor fitouts running concurrently.  DESA made sure each task was completed on time, therefore enabling other trades, dependent on our services, the ability to achieve their works and within the program timeframe.

DESA had a number of teams operating on and off site completing demolition and installation of works.

Overall the works were completed on time with all of the clients requirements met.

The DESA scope of works consisted of the following –


  • 1000 x Category 6 field outlets
  • 240 x Category 6 tie cables
  • 16 x 6 core OM3 fibre ties
  • Installation of new and relocated 45 RU equipment cabinets.
  • Voice backbone cabling.



  • Disconnect and make safe of power from 3 floors.
  • Install soft-wiring and Category 6 cabling for 300 x workstations.
  • Remove existing 600x600 T-bar light fittings
  • Install new over 700 light fittings
  • Reconfigure lighting zones
  • Supply and Installation of feature lighting in reception, boardrooms and meeting rooms
  • Supply and Installation of Dynalite control and interface
  • Supply and Installation of 6 recessed floor-boxes
  • Modify existing switchboards to accommodate RCD circuit breakers in accordance with Australian Standards.
  • Supply and Installation of 2 new UPS power safe distribution boards within the Communications Room
  • Supply and Installation of UPS feeds and bypass switch for UPS


  • Supply and Installation of AMX controllers
  • Supply and Installation of motorised projector lifts.
  • Associated VGA cabling


Access controls for all tenancy doors