DESA Australia supports its Industry Associations and Business Partners to help develop better work methods, products and people.

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Quality and Safety


Quality and Safety

Quality and Safety

Management Systems

DESA Australia’s Integrated Management System provides the framework that ensures continuous improvement of its installation services and quality of completed work and incorporates all necessary elements of the Quality Assurance, Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Management components as prescribed by the relevant Standards.

Occupational Health and Safety

DESA Australia is committed to providing and maintaining a healthy and safe workplace for all its employees, sub-contractors and visitors in accordance with the relevant Sate and Territory Legislation and Australian Standards.


The company’s objective is to foster a culture of safe work practices amongst its managers and employees and to eliminate injuries in the workplace. The company is committed to a process of continual improvement through ongoing training for its managers and supervisors, inspection and maintenance of workplaces and equipment and recognizes the importance of the participation of employees and their input to the health and safety decision making process. DESA believes in having a pro-active approach to risk assessment and regular management meetings to discuss and evaluate risk exposure and suitable control measures.

Quality Assurance

DESA has a commitment to provide high quality, cost effective installations to the exact requirements of each customer and the company continually updates and expands the level of technical knowledge of its employees and ensures that its equipment is state of the art. DESA’s management systems are subject to continual review, with regular auditing through external consultants on behalf of DESA’s major clients.


Environmental Management

DESA identifies activities that may have an impact on the environment for each project and will undertake control measures to ensure minimal effect in cooperation with all stakeholders. In its day to day activities, DESA is reducing its impact on the environment through energy efficiency measures and recycling policies at its office locations.


DESA is actively involved in working with suppliers and partners to research, develop and then market to its customers a variety of options directed at improving energy efficiency.