DESA Australia is a privately owned national business focused on providing outstanding customer service by providing value through its great team of friendly, efficient and technically capable trades people.

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Our Vision

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DESA is committed to excellence and believes that this commitment will lead to further success. Part of the drive to improve will come from an increase in the scope of the company’s activities and from advancing its reputation within the industry and the wider community. To this end, DESA management has drawn up a set of vision statements. They effectively convey the company’s ideals and direction.

  • To have the highest standards of safety and to strive for the elimination of injuries.
  • To create a work environment where people are challenged, satisfied and enjoy their work.
  • To value our clients, deliver best value for service and be their partner of choice.
  • To be responsible, involve the community and gain respect by our conduct.
  • To work with Unions, build trust and respect and achieve mutual goals for our people.
  • To continually improve work practices and measure our progress against the best performers we can find in Australia and overseas.